Felker Park & Community Center


The beautiful Felker Park includes 4 soccer and 2 football fields.

It also includes one large playground, restroom / concessions and other support buildings and now includes a walking trail with fitness stations. The brand new indoor recreation facility includes a gymnasium, fitness center, classrooms and an indoor walking track.

There are 4 acres set aside for the Monroe Boys and Girls Club, and their facility is now completed. The 50 foot perimeter of the property and an adjoining piece will comprise approximately 14 acres of permanent green space.

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The Design Plan (PNG) and first phase of development for this park has been accomplished through the 2000 SPLOST funds set aside for Monroe. 

Athletic Staff

"Individually we are special; together we are spectacular." That is the motto used by the Felker Park athletic staff which is run by: 


The athletic staff is responsible for: 

  • Maintaining and operating park facilities
  • Monitoring activities to ensure that the parks are safe and clean
  • Organizing / administering sports programs
  • Player evaluations
  • Public relations (staff members are available to provide information and assistance)
  • Registration
  • Scheduling practices
  • Team drafts