Green Bag Information & Locations

Waste Disposal Options

The following options are available to dispose of materials that are not recycled: If it cannot be recycled, there is a fee for dumping. 

Note: We accept cash and checks only.

Green Bags

Federal regulations require disposal of our solid waste (garbage) in lined Subtitle D landfills, and the State has mandated a 25% reduction in solid waste. Walton County's collection and disposal methods allow us to better meet these State of Georgia mandates with our "Green Bag" program. 

Green Bags cost $2.00 each, which includes the dumping charges. Green Bags are available at area retailers and at the Keep Walton Beautiful Recycling Center. Call 770-267-1350 for more information regarding purchasing locations.

These 32 gallon / 2 mil plastic bags carry a Walton County emblem imprinted on the bag and are the only garbage bags allowed at the manned convenience sites. The fee you pay for the bag actually covers your disposal costs. This volume based 'pay as you throw' program continues to save money for citizens interested in controlling their garbage disposal costs. Recycling is also free at all of the manned convenience sites. 

Private Hauler

An alternative to using the 'Green Bag' is to contract with a private hauler who will collect your household garbage for a fee. You may also request recycling opportunities with your private hauler.

Recycling saves you money!

Available Locations