The Walton County Jail Division is charged with the responsibility for maintaining the jail. Our goal is to provide the up most security for inmates, staff and the public. We have listed below some rules and regulations and other helpful information we feel will help the general public with questions and concerns pertaining to the Walton County Jail. If you have further questions about the Walton County Jail, please do not hesitate to contact us at  770-267-0887.

  1. Security
  2. Visitation
  3. Visitation Schedule

Inmates will be allowed to have in their possession or housing area only authorized or issued items and materials. All other items and materials including, altered or misused items or materials, will be considered contraband and confiscated. All items brought into the Walton County Jail will be subject to search. Any inappropriate items found could result in prosecution of the individual bringing items to the jail. 

Accumulation of authorized item materials considered excessive and constituting a safety, security or health hazard will be confiscated as contraband. Any misuse or abuse of authorized items or materials which hinders or restrict safety and security surveillance by staff members or electronic devices is prohibited. Daily inspections will be conducted. Searches are routine and used to control the introduction of contraband.